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The Computer guys have been in the networking business forever. We have over 30 years experience in network design, operations, monitoring and maintenance.

You want people who know the Internet? We do. We've worked for some of the biggest ISP's in the state. We can find a solution for any problem big or small. Want us to build you a robust web server to host your own website on? We can do it. We can setup an email service for you as well. With little or no cost to you for the most part other than initial setup and hardware costs.

We can design a network to fit your needs. Need to access your work pc when traveling? Want secure VPN and Remote Desktop (RDP) from other locations? We can do that. Looking for something larger? Framed-Relay, Leased Lines, T1's, DS3's, OC3's? Need multiple connections to multiple locations? We can do that too.

Already have a network and need to make it larger? We can advise you in that as well. We also offer contractual services to those business's who are not large enough to accommodate their own IT Staff.

Call us today see what we can do for you!

-The Computer Guys!