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About Us

The Computer Guys have been working on computers since they were kids. Now they are just much bigger and older kids. It's a passion for us. We work all day on computers at our regular jobs, then spend our evenings tucked away tapping on keyboards for hours on end. Always honing our computer skills, always working on something new. Most of you who know us, know this just isn't a day job for us. Its a way of life. That's why we're so good at what we do. We take our work seriously. You the customer are whats important to us. Taking care of the problems YOU are having is our primary concern.

We decided on The Computer Guys name because that's what we are. Computer Guys, why not get the best help you can instead of those other guys. Who only want to work on what they consider "Easy" jobs. We'll tackle the biggest jobs with dedication and commitment you wont find anywhere else.